Left Has the Cash To Constantly Beat Conservative

From Resolute Media Group’s North Texas Navigator by Warner Todd Huston.

King Street Patriots, True the Vote

As some off you may remember I have been covering the anti-vote fraud efforts of True The Vote, a program created by the Texas-based King Street Patriots. They recently sent out a fund raising letter that almost immediately drew the notice of left wingers intent on destroying their anti-vote fraud work. This immediate response by the left really highlighted how unprepared conservatives are to fight the left’s juggernaut machine.

The King Street Patriots (KSP) have raised several thousand dollars to fund their anti-vote fraud program, certainly. But, as everyone knows, when running an organization — especially a politically oriented one — money is always in short supply.

Catherine Engelbrecht, the head of the KSP, has told me that they’ve rarely resorted to asking for money in fundraising letters, but sent one out early this week to raise much needed cash. Engelbrecht told me that only hours after the letter went out to her supporters the left-wing website American Independent posted a story about the letter.

The quick jump on the fund raising letter by the left shows some major differences between the left and the right in political activism.

First of all, it is impossible to understand why a common, average, everyday fundraising letter would be news. At least on the right, a fundraising letter isn’t of much interest as a news story (unless it has some really crazy angle in it, which the KSP letter does not). But the left-wing site picked up on the fundraising story immediately.

So, why did they do so? Why was a mere fundraising letter such a big story for the American Independent? Because they knew that making a “news” story about the KSP fund raiser would anger their left-wing audience and spur them to oppose the anti-vote fraud effort.

King Street Patriots

Let’s face it, leftists have tons of cash to pursue their own agenda and they wish to deny the right the same pot-o-gold. The simple fact of the matter is that liberalism has won in the political field for so many years because they have tons of cash to spend on elections and policy. They have that money because liberals donate heavily to their left-wing causes.

Remember, ACORN’S Project Vote had a multimillion dollar budget so for the American Independent to get all exercised over a mere $500,000 fundraising letter from the KSPers is absolutely absurd. And the money that the lefty Project Vote effort had is typical of dozens of different programs that unions, ACORN, and other left of center organizations support. This sort of highly funded effort is common on the left.

Unfortunately, conservatives do not donate to conservative causes with nearly the same verve as the left and efforts like True The Vote are far and few between on the right. Conservatives have a mistaken belief that if they vote in the right politician everything will turn out OK. This is a fantasy that has caused conservatives to lose battle after battle for decades.

Now, I am not saying you have to donate to the King Streeters — though I am not saying you shouldn’t, to be sure. All I am saying is that you should donate either time or some money, or both, to some conservative cause, group, or campaign.

It may be annoying, but winning on these issues takes money and on the conservative side we are always a day late and more than a few dollars short to win.

Make no mistake about it, folks. The reason the left has won the policy battle for so long is not because they have such great ideas, but because they have the cash to steam roll their ideas through. They have the millions to donate to left-wing causes, left-wing organizations, and the sort of influence that can bring legislators in line. All the while as conservatives live their lives and ignore politics the left has been steadily undermining our nation.

Time to step up, folks.

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