Conservative Hero in the Texas Legislature- Wayne Christian

Representative Wayne Christian Achieves

Huge Pro-Live Victory

Texas Conservative Wayne Christian

Early in the regular session, Rep. Christian introduced a bill (HB 561) that would deny state funds to any hospital district that used locally raised tax dollars to provide abortions. The bill unfortunately never saw the House floor, but Rep. Christian did not relent. He worked with several Pro-Life organizations to strengthen the language to also include a denial of state funds to any hospital district that makes a donation or financial contribution with tax revenue to any entity that provides or refers for abortion-related services.

With the even stronger version of the bill, Rep. Christian brought it to the House floor during the Special Session and successfully passed it with overwhelming support. He was met with opposition by Democrats who repeatedly tried to have this crucially important Pro-Life language stripped down and removed. Rep. Christian was ultimately successful and he feels the state has sent a clear message to local taxing entities.When asked for a comment, Rep. Christian simply stated, “Tax dollars will not be used to support the continued practice of abortion. Not on my watch.”


About Alice Linahan

Alice Linahan is a Conservative, politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Tea Party movement. As an active Real Estate blogger turned online newspaper owner, Alice launched Resolute Media Group along with two partners. It quickly grew into playing an integral part in holding politicians and the progressive/liberal media accountable by getting real stories out to Americans across the country using social media integration and Resolute Media’s “North Texas Navigator”. Now Alice has launched Voices to Action Consulting. Alice is working hard to train boots on the ground activists using social media techniques to get accurate information out to the passive majority of Americans. In addition she is working on projects at both the state and national level to save our Country from attacks from within our own borders. In addition I am currently on the Advisory Board for a new series of e-books by Harper-Collins entitled "Voices of the Tea Party". I have been published in such publications as Focus on the Family's Citizen Magazine and am board member of Women on the Wall, an organization working on building a safe and prosperous Texas for our children and grandchildren to thrive.
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