Talking Points from Texas- Rick Perry

Why Rick Perry is not the Presidential Tea Party Candidate that the Washington Insiders & Media believe he is.

I wanted to share with you the talking points my good friend Lori Medina with the Dallas Tea Party and I have been jotting down while considering Rick Perry as the President of the United States. It is interesting to note that Gov. Perry seems to be more popular outside of Texas than he is  inside. The information below may give you some insight if you are not from Texas.

Grassroots/ Tea Parties - Is Perry a Self-Described Tea Party Candidate?

Why Perry does not meet Grassroots/Tea Party standards in Texas?  We believe in fiscal responsibility and the rule of law, so far Perry has not respected the laws on our books regarding illegals. Over the past 10 years as Governor he has let us down with the Budget, Immigration, Redistricting, Education, now Gambling and not standing up to moderate establishment Republicans like Joe Straus and David Dewhurst. He has a chance to rectify these issues in Special Session but instead he is out campaigning for the Presidency. Where is he on the issues below?

1. Budget – Perry was forced to call a Special Session because of the Budget

Question:  Why did Straus/Dewhurst and their appointed chairs and committee members wait until almost the end of the legislative session to get serious about passing the budget?

As Weston Hicks states in his article On Way or Another  about The Rainy Day Fund

“It only took one day of “Rick Perry really is gonna run” for a few legislators to plan a dip into the RDF. Governor Perry previously vowed to veto any further use of the RDF when he agreed to use around $3 billion to cover the shortfall in the current budget. He made it clear he’d veto use of any RDF money for the new budget.  In the Special Session (D)Rep. Donna Howard proposed an amendment that would automatically spend RDF dollars in the future. Will Perry follow through on his promise and Veto? House Democrats tout victory passing amendment to tap Rainy Day Fund

Governor Perry "Stand With Us" - Maria Martinez IRCOT

2. Immigration

Statement:  Voters on Nov. 2, 2010 spoke loud and clear; we want illegal immigration stopped and our borders secured.

Question:  Why did Perry not push Straus and his team to make sure the anti-sanctuary cities bill was one of the first bills to get to Gov. Perry’s desk?    If it were not for the Budget issue and the Special Session this would not have had a chance to pass.

 [On 6.7.11, Gov. Perry added sanctuary cities to the call in the Special Session; and other immigration bills are also being filed.]  Will he see it through while on the Presidential Campaign trail?

Vital Immigration Bills for Texas & Gov. Perry If He Intends to Run!

1.  Texas must pass strong anti-Sanctuary Cities (currently SB 9 & HB 9) this session.  Basically law enforcement must be able to inquire as to legal status when they come into contact with anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally

2.  Texas must pass a strong e-verify bill that does not provide for monetary penalties (preempted to the Feds) — we can only take away business licenses.  Since the Supreme Court has just upheld AZ’s e-verify portions of SB 1070, it is time for Texas to jump onboard and end the magnet of jobs.

3.  Texas must know how much illegal aliens are costing the tax payers in Texas before we can have an honest/intelligent debate on this subject.   Texas  legislators are being asked to vote on immigration bills that they have absolutely no clue as to true cost.  How can they vote, not knowing the facts re: the cost of the Texas illegal alien population and WHY are taxpayers not allowed to know what that cost is?

Rep. John Zerwas introduced HB 655 this session (and a similar bill in 2009) which would require state agencies to report the cost of services provided to illegal aliens in Texas.  HB 655 actually made it to the floor for debate/vote but it was postponed and we have no idea why.   That one bill is key to cutting the budget in Texas since illegal aliens access our entitlement services using fake ID’s.  The Democrats always say that illegal aliens are good for the Texas economy.   Of course, no one has the real numbers because no one is supposed to collect the data.  If the Democrats are correct, you would think they would be eager to get that info documented and they should be the first in line to vote for this bill!!   Neither side wants to reveal the true cost because they know voters would be out in the streets & up in arms if they knew.  Illegal Immigrants Bankrupting Rural Texas Counties


Governor Perry "Stand With Us" Dale Huls - Clear Lake Tea Party

3. Redistricting – Who is in charge of Texas?

House redistricting map

Question: Why did the House driven by Straus’ agenda draw a House redistricting map that will hurt the re-election of three of the most outspoken conservative House members – Was it retribution? REDISTRICTING THREATS BECOME REALITY

State Board of Education Redistricting Map

Questions: Why did the leadership in the Texas Legislature champion a State Board of Education Redistricting map that will make it almost impossible for conservative SBOE members to be re-elected? Why did Perry not stand with Conservatives and VETO this map since he says he is a Tea Party Conservative?

In the weeks leading up to May 18, over 5,000 people signed a petition to the Governor; and 24 Republican and/or tea party leaders representing thousands of other Texans had driven to Austin to produce a YouTube shown widely throughout the state and nation. Our message was, “Gov. Perry, please stand with Conservative Texans and veto the SBOE map.” Read this article for more information.  Call to Action- Contact Gov. Rick Perry about the SBOE Chairman

Governor Perry "Stand With Us" = DONNA GARNER - Educator for 33 years and was appointed by President Reagan, Now Activist Writer

4. Education –

 Audit and transparency regulations for all charter schools

Where is Perry on this issue, Gulen Schools?

[On 6.6.11, the New York Times contained an investigative report on the Gulen movement (a.k.a., Cosmos Foundation, Harmony Schools) which is operating at least 33 charter schools in Texas using our tax dollars.  A charter school bill that will take some of the Permanent School Funds and make those dollars available for charter school bonds (including Gulen schools) is in the Texas Legislature right now.

Logical-thinking Texans are trying to make sure that all charter schools should (1) have to show proof of U. S. citizenship for board members (e.g., ISD trustees) and top administrators; (2) post online the names, titles, and bios of board and top administrators, and (3) post their checkbook registers online so that taxpayers will know how their tax dollars are being spent.  However, where are the leaders in Texas Perry, Dewhurst and Straus on this issue?  Why haven’t they championed these safeguards?]

Will Perry add HB 2923 to the Special Session call?

HB2923 must be passed because it would ensure that Texas has the authority over what is taught in its public schools and not the Obama administration.

HB 2923 says that for Texas schools to be accredited, they must follow the state-adopted standards, curriculum requirements, and tests. Huberty’s bill also states that Texas will not participate in the national database that is going to have student-identifiable, family-intrusive data sent to the federal government.

(To read more about HB 2923 and the issue of the Obama administration’s takeover of the public schools through Common Core Standards/Race to the Top, please go to my article posted at:  “Child Abuse by the Federal Government — How and Who?

Slot Machine Joe Has Got To Go

  5. Perry says he is against Gambling in Texas

Question:  One bill that expands gambling in Texas has already been passed.  Will there be others? Perry did not veto this bill but it shows he did not sign it therefore it went into law. Question where does Perry actually stand on Gambling in Texas?

It is common knowledge that the current Speaker Joe Straus and his family stand to make tens of millions of dollars if slot machines are approved at Texas racetracks and casinos.

Question:  Is it any coincidence that the House members Straus has appointed as chairs of committees are the very ones who have authored the gambling legislation that kept resurfacing throughout the legislative session?

6. Left leaning Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst seem to have the ultimate power in the State of Texas not Governor Perry. 

Please see this Press Release – Grassroots Activists –  “Pledge” to Voters not Straus for Speakers Race in 2013

Because Straus used the pledge card system and then also promised sizeable campaign contributions to legislators in exchange for their votes for him as Speaker, he ended up being given the ultimate power in the House therefore running the show in Texas verses Perry.

The question is will Perry spend his time running for the Presidency or will he stand up against the “Establishment Moderates” in the Republican Party? Will he stand with “We The People” and finish the job in Texas first? At this point he seems to be a “Self-Described” Tea Party Candidate.  


About Alice Linahan

Alice Linahan is a Conservative, politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Tea Party movement. As an active Real Estate blogger turned online newspaper owner, Alice launched Resolute Media Group along with two partners. It quickly grew into playing an integral part in holding politicians and the progressive/liberal media accountable by getting real stories out to Americans across the country using social media integration and Resolute Media’s “North Texas Navigator”. Now Alice has launched Voices to Action Consulting. Alice is working hard to train boots on the ground activists using social media techniques to get accurate information out to the passive majority of Americans. In addition she is working on projects at both the state and national level to save our Country from attacks from within our own borders. In addition I am currently on the Advisory Board for a new series of e-books by Harper-Collins entitled "Voices of the Tea Party". I have been published in such publications as Focus on the Family's Citizen Magazine and am board member of Women on the Wall, an organization working on building a safe and prosperous Texas for our children and grandchildren to thrive.
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5 Responses to Talking Points from Texas- Rick Perry

  1. Dave Francis says:


    Because of trust in our politicians is zeroing-out, our only hope of closing down the magnet of jobs that keeps the streams of illegal aliens from getting jobs. Americans must be adamant on insisting that the legislators enact a—MANDATORY—E-Verify, to include Secure Communities. E-Verify to bring severe sanctions to businesses that cross the line of hiring illegal labor. Secure Communities is for police action of fingerprinting those who are arrested, with this personal data being cross-checked through ICE and Homeland Security.

    Two of these comments have been added, because they have profession knowledge of this disastrous immigration chaos:

    The WIC, Women Infants and Children’, program should be renamed Women Illegal’s and Children. Once again we see how the welfare system is a complete failure, doing nothing to prevent fraud – and even encouraging it, in this case, and bilking taxpayers for billions every year. This despite Progressive politicians’ claims that we can’t cut a single penny or families will “starve”. In this report, Kelly Baker, a former WIC employee (and a national hero for coming forward) from DeKalb County, GA, exposes how folks in luxury SUVs can walk into the WIC office with expired or even FOREIGN IDs and walk out thousands of dollars in WIC vouchers – and even sell them for cash down the block. Illegal aliens are bilking the welfare system while so many American citizens go without. This is a disgrace and these WIC officials should be prosecuted. Legislation should be immediately introduced to mandate citizenship ID for welfare.

    This second commentary describes the health care system, which has become a massive cost for taxpayers once again.

    First off, illegal aliens are not immigrants. Immigrants follow laws. They get free health care by not paying bills when going to emergency rooms, giving false names and addresses etc… It also cost American taxpayers over $6000.00 per birth for each “A” baby born. That is if there are no complications. In a recent year in Colorado, the state’s emergency Medicaid program paid an estimated $30 million in hospital and physician delivery costs for about 6,000 illegal immigrant mothers – average of $5,000 per baby. Those 6,000 births to illegal aliens represent 40% of the births paid for by Medicaid in Colorado. Those 6,000 babies immediately became U.S. citizens and qualified for full Medicaid services, with a cost yet to be tabulated. The federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) mandate that U.S. hospitals with emergency-room services must treat anyone who requires care, including illegal aliens. Medical service for Americans in affected communities is being severely damaged as hospitals absorb more than $200 million in non-reimbursed costs.

    Some emergency rooms have shut down because they cannot afford to stay open. (Hospitals and clinics have also shut down in California and Arizona.) Local tax-paying Americans are either denied medical care or have to wait in long lines for service as the illegal’s flood the facilities. In California, the losses are calculated to be about $79 million, with $74 million in Texas, $31 million in Arizona, and $6 million in New Mexico. These costs are staggering. The Cochise County, Arizona Health Department spends as much as 30 percent of its annual $9 million budget on illegal aliens. The Copper Queen Hospital in Bisbee, Arizona, has spent $200,000 in uncompensated services out of a net operating budget of $300,000. The University Medical Center in Tucson may lose as much as $10 million and the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, also in Tucson, has lost $1 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2002.

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION HEALTH CARE COSTS AFFECT YOU! Published 06/01/2010 – CST By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. In both Tucson and Dallas where I have practiced medicine, hospitals are struggling under massive costs of uncompensated medical services for uninsured people who, by federal law, cannot be turned away for lack of insurance or ability to pay. How much does this uncompensated care actually cost taxpayers? The incredible answer: no one knows. We only have “estimates” of the costs to taxpayers to treat illegal immigrants because hospitals and public health clinics do not ask for proof of citizenship before providing care. What are consequences to taxpaying citizens?

    1. Increased cost and reduced access to trauma care. Tucson has lost all but one Level I Trauma Center to serve all of southern Arizona, in large part due to massive, unsustainable losses from uncompensated care. Auto accidents involving overloaded vans of illegal aliens happen regularly in southern Arizona. Injured are flown by air ambulance to University Medical Center’s Trauma Center and treated with state of the art care….all at taxpayer expense.

    2. 2. A registered nurse involved with the Pima County health system since the 1970’s who must remain anonymous because of her role, said she has never seen any staff member at either El Rio Clinic or Pima County Health Department ask for proof of citizenship before providing free medical services (immunizations, Well Baby checks, food stamps, WIC services, birth control, and even elective abortions). Costs are paid by taxpayers. When funds are depleted, low income American citizens have fewer services and longer waits as a result.

    3. 3. This same RN also said: “I personally know Mexican men who married 16 year old girls, got them pregnant, brought them to Tucson for the baby to become a US citizen. They live-in Mexico but comes here for their health care. Taxpayers pay for this medical care many ways, at the Public Health Department, and with school nurses who provide care.”

    4. 4. Uncompensated medical services for illegal immigrants mean higher premiums for all of us due to cost shifting among all third party payers. To cover the deficits from “free” medical services they provide, the administration at University Physicians Health System Kino campus is analyzing how much to increase employee health insurance premiums as of July 1.

    5. 5. Obamacare cuts benefits to American citizens: $500 billion in Medicare cuts and slashing the Medicare Advantage program. Medicare Advantage, chosen by one in five seniors, is the most popular plan for low and moderate income seniors, and covers about half of our Hispanic or African-American elderly. My patients on Medicare have worked and paid into the system over their working careers, yet these cuts mean fewer health care available to them now. We certainly cannot afford to cover those here illegally.

    6. 6. Hospitals in Tucson and Dallas also provide uncompensated (”free”) maternity services to pregnant women here illegally. Their babies then become US citizens entitled to all of the services available for low income American families” food stamps, WIC, immunizations, office visits, medications, etc. This drives up costs to all of us: higher premiums for private insurance companies, and higher taxes for government insurance like Arizona’s Medicaid (AHCCCS).

    7. 7. Professional estimates are that over half of the pregnant women served at Parkland Hospital in Dallas are in this country illegally. With over 16,000 deliveries a year, Parkland is one of the nation’s busiest maternity services with prenatal clinics for low income women to receive free prenatal care, nutrition, medication, birthing classes, child care classes, and free supplies (formula, diapers, bottles, car seats). Taxpayers pay the bills.

    So the Leftists say that illegal aliens pay into the system. The last I heard the (GAO) General Accounting Office stated that for every 1 dollar spent by illegal aliens, they receive back in child and tax refunds 3-4 dollars. Another mass amnesty similar to the 1986 bill would cost American taxpayers $2.5 trillion dollars, according to the Non-profit Hermitage Foundation. Then (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration reform says the federal government expenditure (not States) is $113 billion dollars a year on health care. We must cut off all these public benefits, so the economic foreigners return home. In Ellis Island days there were no public services, just the charity of churches and other organizations. Unlike today, that these illegal aliens are already knowledgeable of all the welfare State, the free health care, education for their children.

    More in depth information is available at FAIRS website. Adding to that NumbersUSA has inside informants of stealth laws, which are passed to the detriment of taxpayers. Then Judicial Watch will spill the beans on fraud and corruption in Washington and the states. My suggestion is join the TEA PARTY as thousands are each day, to rid ourselves of “Tax and Spend’’ Liberal Democrats. Remember the TEA PARTY is the people of America who will secure the borders and track all persons who enter America, who enter illegally. The will enforce the 1986 Immigration laws, with no enactment of an Amnesty. Even the instant citizenship baby law, will be revisited. The American people who unemployed need to contact their federal and State Representatives to insist they enact mandatory E-Verify, Secure Communities policing law for every State at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

  2. charlesJr says:

    There seems to be a Bias and failure to ask the question, Why?

  3. I also submit that Perry’s failure to add the TSA anti-groping legislation to the special session agenda is his greatest loss of opportunity. A governor who will not stand up to Federal overreach and protect the rights of the citizens of his state, will no work to limit the size or intrusion of Federal government as POTUS>

    Donna McClure
    Corpus Christi Tea Party/ South Texas Tea Party Network

  4. Rose says:

    Alice, thank you TONS. I am a Conservative who has been heartily disappointed in Perry – I’ve voted for him – considering the alternatives. Maybe in the long run that would have been better.

    I knew the GOP was stupid to sit around letting the Dims do what they do – but this craze for Perry…

    UGH! Maybe it is like 12 yr old girls who get crushes of skinny British boys because of their accents.

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