Karen Hughes’ New Project- Protect the Status Quo at UT- Austin

Karen Hughes and her close ties to the Gulen/Cosmos Foundation’s Harmony Schools here in Texas.

I have been told this is Karen Hughes’ new project. Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education. From their site. 

“The Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education was necessitated by the strong belief that there is a right way to improve higher education and that there is a wrong way that could have long-term damaging effects on our institutions of higher learning, our state’s economy and on our future. Current recommendations being floated – from dramatically expanding enrollment while slashing tuition to separating research and teaching budgets, and seceding from a recognized and respected accreditation organization – are decidedly the wrong way. We believe our public university presidents and chancellors have earned our support with their ongoing commitment to a culture of excellence and continual innovation, while also working to cut operating costs and institute reforms. “

Scary!! Considering her other ties. Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas- Karen Hughes and the New York Times

Texans this is why we fight against those Democrats and Rino Republicans in Austin who push to get their hands on our Rainy Day Fund.  One of the most disheartening reports has been the connections of former executive director of the Republican Party and trusted advisor to President George W. Bush, Karen Hughes and her close ties to the Gulen/Cosmos Foundation’s Harmony Schools here in Texas. As you can hear in this video Ms. Hughes is very interested in promoting Harmony Science Charter Schools and accessing Texas  tax dollars to create competition for public schools by funding the Gulen/Harmony charter schools.

We wonder why our Colleges and Universities are so liberal. We have the Establishment “Rino” Republicans doing work for them and protecting the status quo at UT-Austin

Here is the back story of what is going on in Texas.

Dan Branch and Higher Ed Accountability

An avowed ally of controlling university tuition costs, Representative Dan Branch (R) has nevertheless given mixed signals concerning the UT Higher Ed controversy. Branch co-chairs the Joint Oversight Committee on higher Education Governance, Excellence, and Transparency.

It’s unlikely he’ll spend political capital on liberal Democrat Senator Judith Zaffirini’s one woman conspiracy crusade against accountability in higher ed, especially given his own commitment to controlling tuition costs. Given growing suspicions among Republican voters that words and actions don’t match up in some politicians, Branch would do well to make his position harder to mistake.

On his personal political website, he cites the need to cap university tuition increases. He also published, in full, Michael Quinn Sullivan’s scathing commentary concerning the need for reform in Texas higher ed.

However, he’s also recently carried an Austin American-Statesman article that was little more than a Zaffirini press release, frantically warning Texans to keep a look out for boards of regents. This is part of her growing conspiracy theory about how boards of regents calling for transparency and accountability in teaching, research, and money-spending are really angling for the destruction of the universities they’re responsible for.

This special committee was formed to oversee the boards of regents. Regents are the overseers of universities. By itself, this smacks of hostility against the regents from Zaffirini.

However, with Senator Zaffirini on an increasingly unstable-looking crusade to spread conspiracy in service of the higher ed establishment, and the growing problem she creates for Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s next election campaign, will Rep. Branch spend political capital siding with a liberal Democrat, Zaffirini, over Governor Perry and Texas conservatives?

It’s an unlikely issue for Branch to risk himself on, and even worse timing in which to do it. As such, an increased profile would go a long way to assuaging constituents unsure if he delivers on his principles. Delivery on campaign principles is a narrative with an increasing profile in Texas Republican politics.

–Dan Branch on tuition increase caps

–Michael Sullivan’s higher ed commentary on Branch’s personal website

–Statesman forum for Zaffirini on Branch’s website

–Dewhurst’s Zaffirini problem



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