Blacks and Hispanics Used by Progressive Liberals and Establishment Republicans

I Know I am a Catholic!

As a Catholic I have been used as well and feed a great deal of propaganda. It was not until I started questioning some in my own church who were pushing the Social Justice Agenda that I found my faith and started connecting the dots of the deliberate infiltration into the church by Progressive Liberals. I am here to warn you, that is exactly who is in charge of  OUR country and until we step up and question our own whether they are Catholics, Jews, Blacks or Hispanics we are going to take down and destroy the United States from within our own borders.

Please see and excerpt of an article I wrote almost exactly a year ago.

“Do people in Power need us to hate each other, or is the hate created as a result of them needing votes to retain their power?

How are people within the Catholic Church complicit in race baiting and creating the hate?

What if we did not hate each other and instead we voted people of all colors out of office who used race to gain votes. HMMMMM What kind of world would we live in?

 Photo from Southern Poverty Law Center

These are the questions I began to ask myself after watching this video about the 2007 murder of Cheryl Green.

Here are some of the answers I came up with. I am interested to know what you think?

What do you think of when you see this picture?

How about a Catholic elite whose family claimed to be devout Catholics, were devout to Sunday Mass, but as a politician voted for legislation that was totally contrary to Catholic teaching. As a man his sins destroyed lives, yet we as constituents voted him in office time and time again.

Imagine what our political landscape would be like today if the Kennedy family actually followed the teachings of the Catholic Church instead of their own brand of Catholicism. All to gain political power.

Here is a little history for you about Immigration and the Kennedy clan. Please read the rest of  this article.

Here is a little history for you about Immigration and the Kennedy clan.

Advocating 1965 Immigration Reform Bill – Act

The House of Representatives voted 326 to 69 (82.5%) in favor of the act, while the Senate passed the bill by a vote of 76 to 18. Opposition mainly came from conservative Republicans and Southern Democrats.

Immigration reform was an important issue for the Irish community, including President John F. Kennedy. For Kennedy’s administration, immigration fell under the jurisdiction of second brother, U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy. And when third brother Ted Kennedy was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1964, his first assignment was to shepherd the bill through the Senate as Floor Leader for the bill. During debate on the Senate floor, Kennedy, speaking of the effects of the act, said:

“First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same. Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset. Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia. In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think…. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.”

This is the truth about Illigal Immigration, social justice and the Catholic church.

“According to CensusScope note: the Mexican Caucasian ethnicity in the United States has rapidly grown especially since the 1986 The Immigration Reform and Control Act(IRCA), also Simpson-Mazzoli Act signed by PresidentRonald Reagan on November 6, 1986) or commonly known as the Reagan Amnesty to be 12% of the general population.  See 1086 Reagan Amnesty (+) Also Google research The 1986 Immigration Reform Act.”

So, the question remains what if we did not hate each other and what if we voted people like Rev. Al Sharpton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others out of office who use race and religion to gain votes. HMMMMM What kind of country would we live in?

They play on our emotions and make us think the Government can take care of these issues if we just give them more money. But where are the results? They call us Racists when we stand up to defend out borders. 

Just this week we saw the video of Sheila Jackson Lee’s despicable comments about Pro-Life Christians.

Where are the Black Church leaders calling for her to resign, after such a statement?

In Texas we are known as a Conservative state yet we keep electing these people to office over and over again. Just as Catholics kept putting Kennedy in Over and Over again. My question is how many lives were lost through abortion electing people who say they are one thing and then vote for another?

Illegal Immigration is a HUGE issue in Texas. We have the La Raza (The Race) type progressive Hispanic Legislators in Office. We have Hispanic legislators who were once Illegal Aliens. I will not call them Undocumented Immigrants as the media likes to use.

Texas Lawmaker Becomes The Face Of Illegal Immigration

State Rep. Hernandez Luna was granted Amnesty. What about the women who are not as lucky as her? What about the Women who are killed and raped crossing an unsecured border?

“On May 9th 2011, Texas State Representative Ana Hernandez Luna stood before the State House and told the world her illegal immigration story in an attempt to protest the “sanctuary city” bill and to put a human face on the illegal immigration issue.”

Just like we Catholics like to glamorize the Kennedy’s,  Hispanics are so accustom to our good will and charity they do not hold Mexico accountable for providing a safe and secure homeland for their own people. Moderate and Conservative Republicans use the emotional argument as well not to get anything done with actually securing our borders. In Texas why is that? It is because one of the highest donors to the Republican Party  is Bob Perry who has a vested interest in cheap labor. Hispanic lives are lost and destroyed because they are being used by Progressive La Raza Liberals and “Rino” Republican for their own agendas.

 So what is the result. Good People are labeled as Racists when their intention is to expose the truth and save Hispanic lives, and to hold Mexico accountable and to protect US citizens from invasion by criminals. 

Republicans such as Rick Perry should stand with Conservatives and demand the Sanctuary Cities Bill be passed.

Vital Immigration Bills for Texas & Gov. Perry if he intends to run and President and get the support of Conservative Texans!

1.  Texas must pass strong anti-Sanctuary Cities (currently SB 9 & HB 9) this session.  Basically law enforcement must be able to inquire as to legal status when they come into contact with anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally

2.  Texas must pass a strong e-verify bill that does not provide for monetary penalties (preempted to the Feds) — we can only take away business licenses.  Since the Supreme Court has just upheld AZ’s e-verify portions of SB 1070, it is time for Texas to jump onboard and end the magnet of jobs.

3.  Texas must know how much illegal aliens are costing the tax payers in Texas before we can have an honest/intelligent debate on this subject.   Texas  legislators are being asked to vote on immigration bills that they have absolutely no clue as to true cost.  How can they vote, not knowing the facts re: the cost of the Texas illegal alien population and WHY are taxpayers not allowed to know what that cost is?

Rep. John Zerwas introduced HB 655 this session (and a similar bill in 2009) which would require state agencies to report the cost of services provided to illegal aliens in Texas.  HB 655 actually made it to the floor for debate/vote but it was postponed and we have no idea why.   That one bill is key to cutting the budget in Texas since illegal aliens access our entitlement services using fake ID’s.  The Democrats always say that illegal aliens are good for the Texas economy.   Of course, no one has the real numbers because no one is supposed to collect the data.  If the Democrats are correct, you would think they would be eager to get that info documented and they should be the first in line to vote for this bill!!   Neither side wants to reveal the true cost because they know voters would be out in the streets & up in arms if they knew.  Illegal Immigrants Bankrupting Rural Texas Counties

Perry said on Neil Cavuto around 7:40 

“Mexico is our #1 trading partner with Texas.” If we are trading with Mexico why are we not holding them accountable for not providing a safe and secure country for their own citizens?

The result of Perry and Rino Republicans not doing everything possible to secure Texas borders and  to push the Sanctuary  Cities bill through in Special Session  once again  we will have results like this…….

Hispanic lives Lost and Destroyed.  In addition America is being destroyed from within by politicians and progressive Liberals.

A sobering excerpt from an astonishing documentary on border security and illegal immigration…BORDER. The Rape Tree by Coyotes

If you knock on my door I will open it, feed and welcome you. If you break through the window you are a robber and I will defend my home. That is what illegal means.  Why should we not in-force them to protect the citizens of the United States.  It really is that simple.



SB9 & HB9 Anti-Sanctuary City Bills
Hearing Scheduled in State Affairs
Monday, June 20, 2011!

COMMITTEE:  House State Affairs

**TIME: Upon final adjourn./recess of House (SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO)

DATE:  Monday,  June 20, 2011
PLACE:       JHR 140
CHAIR:       Rep. Byron Cook

**IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO KNOW WHEN THE HEARING WILL START, BUT AS OF NOW:  Since the legislative website states that the House won’t go into session until 2:00 and there are only a few bills on the agenda, we believe the hearing will likely not start before 4 or 5:00. If you are only available early in the day and cannot stay to testify — it is imperative that you go to the House State Affairs Commitee office (Room: EXT E2.108 –  Phone #  (512) 463-0814)

and fill out a card, submitting written testimony if at all possible.  Be sure to provide enough copies for the entire committee (14 COPIES).

IF YOU ARE TESTIFYING, OUR BEST GUESS IS THAT YOU WILL PROBABLY WANT TO BE THERE BY 4:00 or 5:00 PM.  The earlier you turn in a witness card, the earlier you will be able to testify. Based on last week’s Senate hearing, we believe the House hearing will go late into the NIGHT.  Witness testimony cards WILL BE AVAILABLE prior to the hearing start TIME in the JHR Building.  You have a choice to select either Testifying or Not Testifying. Testimony should go in order of turning in your completed card with the exception of invited testimony which always goes before all general public.  If you have to leave before you can testify you can submit written testimony to the committee clerk in the Hearing.


HB 9          Solomons

Relating to the enforcement of state and federal laws governing immigration by certain governmental entities.

SB 9          Williams | et al.

Relating to the enforcement of state and federal laws governing immigration by certain governmental entities and the administration of certain documentation of citizenship status and other lawful admittance by the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas.

House Committee on State Affairs

(C450) Clerk: Toni Barcellona

Legislature: 82(R) – 2011 Phone: (512) 463-0814

Appointment Date: 1/24/2011

Committee Office Room: EXT E2.108 

Position Member

Chair: Rep. Byron Cook  512-463-0730

Vice Chair:Rep. Jose Menendez  512-463-0634


Rep. Tom Craddick  512-463-0500

Rep. John Frullo 512-463-0676

Rep. Pete Gallego 512-463-0566

Rep. Charlie Geren  512-463-0610 

Rep. Patricia Harless 512-463-0496

Rep. Harvey Hilderbran 512-463-0536

Rep. Dan Huberty 512-463-0520

Rep. Rene Oliveira 512-463-0640

Rep. John T. Smithee 512-463-0702

Rep. Burt R. Solomons 512-463-0478

Rep. Sylvester Turner 512-463-0554

GOVERNOR PERRY’S Texas Information and Referral Hotline
[for Texas callers]: 800-843-5789;  
(Austin callers should use 512-463-1782);
Citizen’s Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers]: (800) 252-9600

About Alice Linahan

Alice Linahan is a Conservative, politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Tea Party movement. As an active Real Estate blogger turned online newspaper owner, Alice launched Resolute Media Group along with two partners. It quickly grew into playing an integral part in holding politicians and the progressive/liberal media accountable by getting real stories out to Americans across the country using social media integration and Resolute Media’s “North Texas Navigator”. Now Alice has launched Voices to Action Consulting. Alice is working hard to train boots on the ground activists using social media techniques to get accurate information out to the passive majority of Americans. In addition she is working on projects at both the state and national level to save our Country from attacks from within our own borders. In addition I am currently on the Advisory Board for a new series of e-books by Harper-Collins entitled "Voices of the Tea Party". I have been published in such publications as Focus on the Family's Citizen Magazine and am board member of Women on the Wall, an organization working on building a safe and prosperous Texas for our children and grandchildren to thrive.
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