Sanctuary Cities bill in danger!

Patriots, please post and circulate this message to as soon as possible.  We have to get the word out!  JoAnn
Mr. Ray Sullivan, Governor Perry’s Chief of Staff
Mr. Ken Armbrister, Governor Perry’s Director of Legislative Affairs
Thursday evening, June 23, 2011

Sanctuary Cities Bill in Danger!


We respectfully ask that you deliver the following message to Governor Perry from the Advisory Committee to the TEA Party Caucus of the TX Legislature:
We are alarmed and angry to hear about and witness the games being played in the People’s State House regarding the Sanctuary Cities Bill — legislation so important to Governor Rick Perry that he called it an emergency item for the regular session and subsequently placed it on the call for the special session when the legislature failed to act.
We understand that the business lobby, including those supported by Mr. Bob Perry, are doing all they can to derail or gut this bill.  Apparently, these special interests are eager to put their own interests above the safety, security, and financial well-being of Texas citizens and legal immigrants.
We also understand that the House is having difficulty conducting the People’s business because House leadership cannot muster a quorum.  This is outrageous.  Texans deserve better.
This is the first legislative session in which thousands of everyday Texans have taken such an active interest in their state government.  At this point, we are extremely disappointed with what we’ve witnessed.  The Constitutional Conservative movement – known as the TEA Party or Grassroots – is rapidly growing and plans to continue to stay engaged in government at all levels.  In other words, this session was only the beginning.
Please understand that the Sanctuary Cities bill is a “foundational rule of law” matter and a key issue for us.  We will not accept the gutting of this bill nor will we accept failure to pass it.   Texas taxpayers cannot continue to fund a social safety net for all who would break the rule of law.  Social services and jobs should go to American citizens and to legal immigrants, period.  Citizens and legal immigrants should also have their safety and security protected as much as possible by our state leaders.  The Sanctuary Cities bill represents a limited step forward in addressing this issue as the federal government fails to secure our border.
If the legislature fails on this issue by running out the special session clock or gutting the bill, we will expect Governor Perry to stand strong for the citizens and legal immigrants in our great state.  We will expect him to call the legislature back into another special session to hammer out a bill he can sign into law, or we will expect him to sign an executive order to protect us.
Our very thorough research demonstrates that thirty-one other states are in the process of legislation, have passed legislation, or have Governors who have signed executive orders to deal with the illegal immigration issue.  Texas is now standing in the shadow of Alabama, the most recent state with new, tough illegal immigration laws.  As a native Texan, I am incensed by that.  Everywhere I go, grassroots Texans don’t like the fact that Texas is not leading on this issue.  Our escalating Medicaid costs alone should be enough evidence to show this course is unsustainable.
Please let Governor Perry know that this is a “make or break” issue for us.  Failure is not an option.
We are asking Governor Perry to stand up and lead for us, because we are “Fed UP!”
Respectfully communicated with a sense of urgency,
JoAnn Fleming, Chair – TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee
Executive Director (volunteer)
Grassroots America – We the People

(903) 894-7204 home office or (903) 360-2858 cell
“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” —Thomas Paine, The Crisis, 1776

About Alice Linahan

Alice Linahan is a Conservative, politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Tea Party movement. As an active Real Estate blogger turned online newspaper owner, Alice launched Resolute Media Group along with two partners. It quickly grew into playing an integral part in holding politicians and the progressive/liberal media accountable by getting real stories out to Americans across the country using social media integration and Resolute Media’s “North Texas Navigator”. Now Alice has launched Voices to Action Consulting. Alice is working hard to train boots on the ground activists using social media techniques to get accurate information out to the passive majority of Americans. In addition she is working on projects at both the state and national level to save our Country from attacks from within our own borders. In addition I am currently on the Advisory Board for a new series of e-books by Harper-Collins entitled "Voices of the Tea Party". I have been published in such publications as Focus on the Family's Citizen Magazine and am board member of Women on the Wall, an organization working on building a safe and prosperous Texas for our children and grandchildren to thrive.
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One Response to Sanctuary Cities bill in danger!

  1. Donna Garner says:

    These are excellent comments, and I concur with what Jo Ann has said. What we grassroots citizens want is for the laws of our land to be enforced. Illegal immigration is “illegal.” I am convinced that legal immigrants feel as strongly about this issue as other Americans do. Legal immigrants had to go through the arduous process of becoming legals, and they have a right to expect other immigrants to follow the same laws. It is not heartless for us as Americans to expect the Rule of Law to be enforced. Without the Rule of Law, we have chaos. Unfortunately, chaos can turn into mob rule; and we must give our law enforcement agencies the authority to secure our borders and our cities before mob rule controls us all.

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