Speaking and Media Requests

As an established leader in New Media with Voices Empower and the Tea Party Movement,  Alice brings audiences a servants voice with a heartfelt, funny tone and when truth needs to be told in a bold fresh manner Alice can deliver. She brings alive the stories from the trenches of the movement that is taking America by storm.

Alice has been described as “Passionate in everything she does and she is proof that one person can make a difference. She is an invaluable asset to the cause of Journalistic integrity in Conservative politics. Highly organized, endlessly energetic and with a “nose” for where the real story is, she seems to be everywhere at once.”

Booking Info:
Topics: Tea Party Movement, Progressive infiltration into America, New media and how to hold the liberal media accountable, blogging to make a difference, social media, online marketing and public relations, online grass-roots organization, political fundraising and preparation for the ground game to take back America in 2012.

Travels From: Dallas, Texas

Fees: Commercial fees negotiated on a case by case basis. Requirements: 1 ticket, round-trip airfare; rental car allowance, 3+ star hotel for 2 nights.

Contact: alice@resolutemediagroup.com or 972-322-8313


3 Responses to Speaking and Media Requests

  1. Fallacies to Look For In Political Persuasion

    We humans have always had to solve various problems which we encounter in our living, especially as voting citizens of a republic. Typically a problem presents itself. A solution is proposed. Reasons for adopting the solution are presented. A decision is made, hopefully on the basis of sound reasoning based upon actual facts.
    Sometimes, through ignorance or through design, a false solution is offered and seemingly proved. Needless to say, the solution is flawed, sometimes accidently and sometimes deliberately. In order for the decision mechanism to work, flaws in the decision making process need to be recognized and then avoided. Listed here are some of the most blatant fallacies.

    Fallacies of reasoning:
    Ad populum: Most people agree with the solution so it must be right. Often used with statistics as “proof.” The sample used in obtaining the statistical data can be radically skewed, often deliberately. “Fifty million Frenchman can’t be wrong!”

    Ad hominem: Attacking the person rather than the argument or the solution proposed. This was used on Sarah Palin in the last election! The ethical behavior of a member of her family has nothing to do with the quality of her work or her ideas. We are led to believe that where there is smoke there must be fire even if the fire is faked deliberately.

    Appeal to pity: The pitiful conditions of people are cited as proof that a certain solution is necessary. Sometimes presented as a Fallacy of Composition in which a single or few cases are demonstrated as proving the need for the entire group to change in the way advocated. Bill Clinton did this by bringing a needy family into wherever he was speaking as an example of proof for what he was proposing.

    Appeal to fear: If you don’t do what is proposed, disaster will result. Sometimes presented as “do what I say or you are going to be badly hurt!”

    Tu quoque: Defending one’s behavior on the basis that others have done the same thing. Tu quoque literally means “me too.” Since others have done it don’t blame me!

    Appeal to tradition: We have always done so and so, therefore we need to continue doing thus and so. The Democratic Party has always been for the working class; therefore what we propose will benefit the working class.

    Slippery slope: If we start down this line of reasoning or action we will slide into deep and dire trouble. The consequences of choosing this or that solution will start us on a slippery slope which will end in disaster.

    Fallacies of miscasting the issue:
    Fallacy of composition: Already dealt with above. One example does not make a generality.

    Fallacy of division: The opposite of Fallacy of composition. A general condition does not necessarily apply to every individual example.

    Fallacy of False Dichotomy: It is either this or that, what I propose or what my adversaries propose. There is no middle ground, no third alternative.

    Fallacies of Misdirecting the Issue:
    Shifting the burden of proof: The other side must prove their point as either right or wrong. Obama shifted the responsibility of coming up with a budget to the Republicans when it is the administration’s responsibility to propose a budget.

    Begging the question: When the claim of what is needed is cited as the proof of what is needed. Paint a rosy picture of the future and use that picture as proof that what is advocated should be adopted. A favorite of Obama’s!

    Straw man fallacy: It is easy to knock over a straw man. Picture what is proposed in a silly or unfavorable light and then destroy it. It seems to destroy the argument but has really done nothing to it.

    Red Herring technique: Mislead the argument off onto some side issue, thus avoiding talking about the real issue.

    Ambiguity: Making the issue so ambiguous that no one really understands the issue. “Pass the Obama medical bill and then you will know what’s in it!”

    Scapegoat: It is their fault not mine! They did it and I’m trying to rectify the bad situation. Obama on blaming Bush for everything he isn’t doing.

    Personality cult: Look at me, focus on me, I’m your savior! All the TV channels were to devote a certain amount of time focusing on Obama. If they see more of me they will trust me more!

    They who control the information source control the populace. It is key to brain washing, which influences everyone to some degree. Recognize the technique, realize what it is trying to do to you, and laugh—as you would a used car salesman selling you a car driven only by an elderly lady to and from church! Don’t blame the attempted snooze job any more that the one who buys into it.

    Prepared and used by permission of Lawrence St. Claire

  2. From:Tom Selgas [mailto:tdselgas@usbor.org]
    Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 2:33 PM
    To: Thomas Selgas
    Subject: Money and inflation video posted on YouTube


    I have posts a slimmed down video version of the money presentation which I have titled “Money and inflation” on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0mOTJR_1Lo

    I would appreciate you letting other know that it is posted so I can get enough hits to allow the posting of the full money presentation on YouTube.

    Tom Selgas
    Mo: 972-333-3817

    Tom Selgas lives in East Texas. Every citizen that loves the USA should listen to this video and see that it is seen by all their family, neighbors and friends. This is one thing we must do to “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY”.

    John Tweedell
    East Texas Constitution Alliance

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